Saturday, January 14, 2012

Hawk's Basketball, week 1

We had our 1st game today.  The boys did great.  They had a lot of fun & worked hard.

Coach's apology

Sorry for the absence.  I've been so busy since I took my new job this summer I've slacked off on getting Coach Charlie's Corner up to date.  We had a great football season with Jaxon & the Blue Devils.  Brik had a little ruff year making the "A" team @ Barnett JHS 8th grade team but not getting the starting nob for the 1st time.  He's pretty motivated to get back on top by next season.

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Bears 7on7, 5/31/11

Brik's 1st week of 7on7 went well. Both Barnett 7th grade teams won their games (2 each). Brik's team won 54-0 & 22-6. If all goes well He will get a lot of snaps at center & will get a lot of work reading the D. He got to have a little extra fun at WR when they got way ahead in the first game. AJ got moved to the same team as Brik after game 1. It was nice to have both AJ & Brik on the same field together again.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Brik's 7th Grade Track, Seguin HS, 3/30

Brik was in his second track meet this week. This week he was an alternate for the Shot Put. After an impromptu shot put lession by Coach Robinson, Brik got to compete in the shot put for the first time.
4 attempts:
3 of his 4 attempts were between 17' to 18'6".
With his second throw being his best at 19'2".

I'm proud of you Brik!

Brik's 7th Grade Track, Bowie HS, 3/23

Brik was in his 1st track meet today. He qualified as 1 of the 5 boys getting to compete for Barnett Junior High School Bears. He's been working hard & was excited to get to compete for the first time.

4 Throw Attempts:

1st throw - 60'5"

2nd throw - 60'9"

3rd throw - 57'6"

4th throw - 66'9"

He ended up at the top of the second tier of Discus throwers in his first meet.

Great Job, Brik!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Dragons Soccer - Last game 2011

Dragons Soccer Undefeated!
Thanks for a GREAT season!

The 2011 winter soccer season is over. With a tuff 2-1 win over the Hurricanes we finished the season 8-0. We had several shots on goal but the Hurricane goalies did a great job stopping all but two, but that's all we needed.

Nice Defense.

Fast Break.

Dragons are #1!

Ready to have some fun.

We've got to stretch.

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Dragons soccer, Game 7, 2/26/11

Well this was the last of the early games. That 8:30am time slot was EARLY. This week we played the Twisters again & won 3-0. The winning streak is still alive. This is the team we played picture day in week 3 & they were tuff. We looked a lot better this time. Omar pulled off a spin move in front of the goalie then scored, it was cool. One more game left.

Dragons on the attack.

Explaining a few rules to the new referee.


Monday, February 28, 2011

Dragons soccer, Game 6, 2/19/11

Lined up & waiting to kick off.

Keeping the streak alive. This week we played the Panthers for the second time & came up with an impressive 6-2 win. Jaxon had what I would call his best game to date. Even though he got caught off guard & just threw the ball in once. It was hilarious. The boys were passing the ball to the guy in front of the goal & playing like a team.

Jaxon was running the floor all day.

Omar on the move again.